Effects by Kris Molina !


I’m Nogh, nice to meet you and welcome in my little world.

On this website you cqn find all my latest paintings, be it digital, ink or watercolor ! Just open the Digital page to see the digital ones and of course the Ink to see the one made in ink and/or watercolor ! As i also enjoy taking pictures, you can see some of them in the Photo page !

The 3 most recent paintings!

Most of my drawings and painting are for sell, here or on some diverse online stores. To check the stores please, go on my contact page ! If you are interested in one of them (or more) Do not hesitate to contact me here, on facebook or on instagram.

AAAAND I LOVE MUSIC ! So I decided to add a music inspiration page !

Please enjoy your stay!

Also i would appreciate that you share the website and if you want to share a drawing, please add the website with it! My drawings are not good enough to be stolen 🙂

All right reserved : Reproduction, alteration, change, commercial use aren’t permitted withouth my direct consent. Feel free to share as long as you indicate the source and name!